[Sapporo×souvenirs and gifts] Sweets at Romantei are cheap and delicious


Hello, this is Mike the Bear!
“Roman-tei” is a famous western confectionery store loved by the locals of Sapporo. This cake shop is famous for its chocolate Mont Blanc, but it sells a lot of attractive and delicious sweets besides fresh cakes. Also, the packaging is very elaborate and cute. This time, we will introduce some of the bear’s favorite sweets from “Romantei”!

Shop introduction: Romantei

The image is Naebo store

Roman-tei is a pastry shop founded in 1988, and its main store is located in Sumikawa, Minami-ku, Sapporo. Under the conviction that “I want to be a sweets shop that supports the community”, 8 stores are operated mainly in Sapporo City. The closest store to Sapporo Station is the Sapporo Tokyu branch B1F, which does not have a branch at New Chitose Airport.

The most popular chocolate Mont Blanc!

The most popular item at Roman-tei is undoubtedly the chocolate Mont Blanc. A simple cake with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top of a cocoa sponge base. The chocolate ganache part has a full-fledged flavor that not only has a rich sweetness, but also the sourness and bitterness of chocolate, and it goes well with the light chocolate fresh cream. It’s a small cake, but you can get a solid satisfaction with one. A blissful dish for chocolate lovers! The price is 346 yen per piece.

This chocolate Mont Blanc alone is worth a visit, but Romantei also has a fairly high level of baked sweets. Here are three sweets that Mike especially likes. There is no doubt that all of them will be appreciated as souvenirs and gifts.

1.Four Seasons of Moiwa

Moiwa Shiki is a hemispherical butter cake with two flavors: tiramisu and chocolate. The price is 162 yen per piece. Both of them use rice flour as an ingredient, and they are more moist and heavy than I imagined.

The tiramisu taste is a coffee sponge at the bottom of the sponge, and the smell of coffee drifts at the moment the bag is opened. Because it uses mascarpone cheese, the smell of cheese is very slight and it gives an elegant impression. It’s a baked confectionery, but it’s finished with a moist cake that makes you want to describe it as juicy. This is the best if you come out for the tea break …!

The chocolate flavor is also very moist. The part where the sugar is applied linearly is slightly crispy, and it accentuates the texture.

They are sold in sets of 3 or 10, making them perfect as souvenirs or gifts. The expiration date was about 2 weeks. I think that if I get this, I will like the other person very much.

2.chocolate mum

Chocolate mam is a cookie with raw chocolate, and there are two flavors: white and sweet chocolate. The price is 130 yen per piece. It is a soft type cookie that bends softly when you hold it in your hand.

The image is chocolate mum white

I like both soft and hard cookies, but I love the unique soft texture of this chocolate mum. The taste is not only the sweetness of chocolate, but it also has a surprisingly salty taste. When I ate it for the first time, I thought “Wow! The taste is strong!”. The expiration date is also longer than 1 month.

3.Sumikawa Sable

The third recommendation is this Sumikawa Sable. There are three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and matcha. It is also sold separately, and it costs 81 yen per sheet. Sumikawa sable is a so-called cookie, but when you eat it, you will be surprised by the taste and aroma of the cookie.

Matcha flavor of Sumikawa sable

My favorite is the matcha flavor. The texture is very light and crispy, and it melts smoothly on your tongue. However, the taste and aroma felt after that is shocking. You can feel the bitterness and aroma of matcha. Of course, it has a good balance of sweetness, so if you like matcha sweets, you should try this cookie.

All the packages are cute

What I think is good about Romantei is the cute packaging.

This is a Furoshiki gift. Furoshiki is a cloth that has been used to wrap things since ancient times in Japan, and comes in a variety of patterns. An assortment of 10 sweets, including the four seasons of Moiwa, is wrapped in a wonderful wrapping cloth. The Japanese style makes it a perfect souvenir for foreign tourists.

This is “Roman Box”. There are 7 sweets in a box printed with the building image of Romantei’s Sumikawa main store.

In addition to this, there was an assortment of sweets in nice packages that matched the season.

Mike the Bear supports Roman-tei

“Roman-tei” offers not only fresh sweets, but also delicious baked sweets with cute packaging. I think it’s perfect for people who have visited Hokkaido many times and are looking for unusual souvenirs. Also, the price is reasonable, so it’s perfect for everyday use. Please try various sweets. I recommend!