[5 delicious sweets at Rokkatei] Best 5 recommended by Mike the bear (standard souvenir)


Hello, this is Mike the Bear!
Rokkatei is one of the famous sweets shops in Hokkaido. Not only does it taste good, but it also looks beautiful, and is loved by people of all ages. I’m one of those fans who always buy new products whenever they come out. This time, I would like to introduce the top 5 Rokkatei sweets that I personally think are delicious. All of them are perfect for souvenirs.

First place: Marusei butter cake

The number one Rokkatei sweet that Mike thinks is really delicious is “Marusei Butter Cake”!
This is a great sweet that I would like to recommend to everyone in the world. Sponge cake made with Marusei butter is fluffy yet extremely moist. The moment you open the bag, you will be greeted with the gentle and sweet scent of dairy products. And between the sponges is a rich chocolate ganache. When this ganache and sponge become one in your mouth, it is such an exquisite taste that makes you think, “I’m glad I came to Hokkaido…!” The price is reasonable at 135 yen including tax!

By the way, the origin of the product name “Marusei Butter” is Banseisha, which was founded by Benzo Yoda, who is said to be the founder of Tokachi pioneering. In honor of the history of “Marusei Butter”, which Banseisha released in 1905, Rokkatei used the product name “Marusei Butter Sand”. Packages with the character for “sei(成=success)” written in 〇 are used for both “Marusei Butter Sand” and “Marusei Butter Cake”.

Second place: Marusei butter sand

So, the second place is “Marusei Butter Sand”! As a Hokkaido souvenir, it can be said that this is one of the three giants along with Ishiya’s “Shiroi Koibito” and Royce’ “Nama Chocolate”. Marusei butter, white chocolate, and raisins are sandwiched between the biscuits that use the aforementioned Marusei butter.

When I was little, I didn’t like raisins, but this Marusei butter sandwich made me love them. Soft biscuits with plenty of butter, white chocolate, and raisins go perfectly together…! I can eat it endlessly.

3rd Place: Rokkatei Daigo

Mike’s 3rd recommendation is “Cheese Soufflé Rokkatei Daigo”! Fluffy cheese soufflé with sweet and milky cheese cream. The aroma of Hokkaido cheese, the texture of the soufflé, and the rich yet light cheese cream are exquisite.

This is a refrigerated fresh confectionery, and the expiration date is about 3 days from the date of manufacture. Therefore, it is a little precious candy that cannot be purchased by mail order. Please try it when you come to Hokkaido for sightseeing.

4th place: Marusei caramel

Mike’s recommended fourth place is “Marusei Caramel”. Speaking of caramel from Hokkaido, Hanabatake Bokujo’s raw caramel is famous, but this is the orthodox firm caramel. However, the amazing thing about this Marusei caramel is that it can be chewed. Marusei biscuits, soybeans, and almonds are inside, so it has a crispy texture even though it’s caramel. And when you bite into it, the good aroma of soybeans and almonds spreads throughout your mouth. 80 yen per piece with this quality! Rokkatei is amazing!

No. 5: Deep-fried Okaki Kobugura

Mike’s 5th recommended sweets is “Age Okaki Kobugura”! Rokkatei’s main focus is on sweets, so you might think it’s an unexpected choice. This fried okaki is so delicious that once you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop. The price is 160 yen for a palm-sized bag containing 33g. It’s a good size to give at work as a little thank you, such as “thank you for last time”.

This is a soy sauce-flavored okaki seasoned with kelp, bonito and shiitake mushrooms, and is very light and crunchy. Finely crushed kelp is sprinkled around the okaki. It’s not too salty, so it’s recommended for health-conscious people. If you eat Rokkatei’s sweets and this okaki alternately, you will never stop eating. Eating kelp is rare overseas, so it is recommended as a souvenir for overseas tourists.

Extra: Hot cakes in the tea room

Image quote: Rokkatei Official HP

As an extra, Mike introduces his favorite Rokkatei hotcakes. This is a hotcake that can only be eaten at Rokkatei, which is attached to the cafe, and cannot be taken home. Freshly baked fluffy pancakes are entwined with plenty of Hokkaido butter and maple syrup. Rather than a pancake, it looks like an old-fashioned “hot cake”. However, Rokkatei is still wonderful. The cake has a fine and elegant finish, and the pancake soaked in butter and maple syrup is the best!

You can enjoy it at stores with cafes, such as Rokkatei’s Sapporo main store and Otaru Canal store.

Mike the Bear is rooting for Rokkatei

Although I chose the best 5 as I like, I was very troubled by the selection. Rokkatei’s lineup of sweets is so attractive. By all means, try a variety of different flavors and try to make your own top 5.