[Hokkaido-like souvenir sweets! ] Haskap Jewelry from Morimoto!


Hello, this is Mike the bear!
This time, I would like to introduce Morimoto’s Haskap Jewelry, a sweet that is perfect for those who are looking for Hokkaido-like souvenirs.

Haskap is a bluish-purple fruit that resembles blueberries and is grown all over Hokkaido. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, and anthocyanin, which have antioxidant properties, and has long been said to be the fruit of eternal youth and longevity. However, Haskap is not suitable for distribution because the skin is very thin and easily torn, so it is rarely sold outside Hokkaido. It’s good for beauty and health, and it’s a fruit unique to Hokkaido, so it’s perfect as a souvenir.

Store introduction: Morimoto

Morimoto is a sweets maker established in 1960, with over 20 stores in Hokkaido. The head office is in Chitose City. Originally started with the manufacture and sale of bread, we now handle a wide range of other products such as cakes, baked goods, and Japanese sweets.

The image is the Atsubetsu branch.
Curry bread and piroshki

A long seller for over 40 years! “North Little Cake Haskap Jewelry”

Image quote: Morimoto official website

Haskap jewelry is a sweet made by sandwiching haskap jam and butter cream between thin cookies and coating the surroundings with chocolate. When you put it in your mouth, the rich scent and vivid sourness of the haskap will fill your mouth. And by mixing it with moderately sweet cookies and rich butter cream, it feels like eating a fresh cake. I can eat as many of these as I like! The price is 1180 yen for 4 pieces. This sweet has won the Prime Minister’s Award in the past.

There are several types of Haskap jewelry. For example, “Haskap Jewelry White Version” coated with white chocolate.

Image quote: Morimoto official website

In addition to further increasing the concentration of haskap jam, there is also the “Haskap Jewelry Premium Black”, which is sandwiched between bitter black cocoa cookies and coated with two types of chocolate to make the most of its vivid acidity.

Image quote: Morimoto official website

In addition, there is a limited-time “Haskap Jewelry Black Gem ~Brandy Style~” and “Haskap Jewelry Crystal White” which will be on sale in March 2023.

Both have a shelf life of 30 days. It lasts long enough for souvenirs.

Where can we buy it?

Around Sapporo Station, the ESTA store (Esta Daishokugai B1F) is conveniently connected to the station. It is also located on the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal building at New Chitose Airport. This store will be reopened in February 2023.
Outside of Sapporo, there are also stores in Otaru (Nagasakiya Otaru store), Muroran (MEGA Don Quijote Muroran Nakajima store), and Asahikawa (Aeon Mall Asahikawa Nishi store).

Have a nice trip!!

There are many attractive sweets in Hokkaido, but if you are looking for something more “Hokkaido-like”, haskap jewelry from Morimoto is a good choice. I actually gave it to a friend who lives outside of Hokkaido. The friend said, “I’ve received a lot of souvenirs from Hokkaido, but I didn’t know about honeysuckle jewelry! It’s rare to find sweets with such a sour taste of fruit, and they taste great!” If you have a chance, please try it. Mike recommendation!