[Delicious Soup Curry in Ebetsu] MONKEY MAGIC


Hello, this is Mike the Bear!
Today, I would like to introduce you to the soup curry restaurant “MONKEY MAGIC” located in Ebetsu City Oasa. I am an unparalleled curry lover, so I have eaten a lot of soup curries from all over Hokkaido. I would like many people to eat it.

Store introduction: MONKEY MAGIC

Store overview

Monkey Magic is a soup curry specialty store that opened in 2015 at 15-17 Oasa Higashimachi, Ebetsu City. Facing 2nd Street, it is easy to get there by car as you can use the large parking lot shared by the nearby shopping arcade.

inside of shop

The store has 4 counter seats, 2 table seats, and 1 small raised seat that is fine for small children.

small raised seat

Menu: Two types of soup, original and tomato

The soup curry menu has 7 main ingredients: chicken, chicken vegetables, pork kakuni, thick-sliced bacon, sausages, minced meat with natto, and spicy meaty nankotsu. After choosing the main dish, choose the soup (original or tomato), spiciness, amount of rice, and toppings. The drink menu includes lassi, beer, and non-alcoholic beer.

This time, the bear couple chose two types of pork kakuni, original soup, natto topping (1350 yen) and pork kakuni, tomato soup (1250 yen). We ignored the variations in the picture and both chose kakuni. Oops….

Real food: Soup that feels rich! You can eat it every day!

Original Soup x Braised Pork x Natto

This is the original soup curry. When I put the soup in my mouth, the first thing that strikes me is the faint sweetness and richness. And with the aroma of charred basil, I felt rich spices and just the right amount of saltiness. The soup is smooth. The main ingredient, kakuni, is a type that has a meaty texture rather than a creamy texture, but it is not too hard and can be cut with a spoon. The pumpkin and broccoli were fried, and the lotus root and carrot were boiled. I had the impression that each ingredient was carefully processed, and I thought it was a soup curry that I could eat every day because it didn’t feel heavy. A good impression is that the flavors are well-balanced and well-coordinated, and that no one flavor stands out.

Tomato soup x braised pork

This is tomato soup. It looks almost the same. Compared to the original soup, the tomato aroma, sweetness, and sourness are added. Also, the addition of tomatoes made the soup slightly thicker. However, it is not dominated by the taste of tomatoes, but it feels like “tomato flavor has been added to the original soup”. The balance is very good, just like the original. When there are two types of soup, I usually decide “I’ll order this next time”, but both the original of Monkey Magic and the tomato were delicious. Make the bear cry…!

Special offer: Free large serving of rice at lunch time on weekdays

During lunchtime on weekdays (11:30-14:00), a large serving of rice is free. This is a great service for hungry students. Please note that this shop is closed on Wednesdays. Business hours are 11:30-14:30 (LO), 17:00-21:00.

Mike the bear is rooting for Monkey Magic

Soup curry originated in Sapporo, but now we can eat delicious soup curry all over Hokkaido. Monkey Magic in Ebetsu City is also one of my favorite soup curry restaurants. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by.