[Sapporo × Cafe × Sweets] Freshly baked cheese tarts at Kinotoya Cafe are special!

Freshly baked cheese tart on the left, premium raw cheese tart on the right

Hello, this is Mike the bear!
“Kinotoya” is one of the most popular pastry shops in Sapporo. At the cafe attached to Kinotoya, we can eat freshly baked and freshly made cheese tarts on the spot!

Store introduction: Kinotoya Cafe

Kinotoya OfficialHP(Shiroishi main store)

Kinotoya was founded in 1983 and operates 11 stores mainly in Sapporo. Four of them have cafes: Shiroishi Main Store, Kotoni Store, Farm Store, and Odori Park Store. For tourists, the Odori Koen store, which is within walking distance from Sapporo Station, or the Shiroishi main store, which is about a 5-minute walk from Shiroishi Station on the Tozai Subway Line, are convenient. The Shiroishi Main Store has a parking lot for 45 cars.

This time, I visited the cafe at the Shiroishi main store.

There is a cafe ahead of the soft serve ice cream sign. Business hours are from 10:00 to 19:00.
There are about 20 seats in the store. It is also full on holidays.
There are also two terrace seats.

We can eat freshly baked cheese tart!

These cheese tarts are especially recommended on the menu. The freshly baked cheese tart is literally brought to you by the store clerk! When you take a bite, steam rises from the thick cheese mousse. The most delicious!

The finest raw cheese tart is just the finest smoothness ….

This premium raw cheese tart is a limited item at the Shiraishi main store! The cheese cream here is very rich, and you can taste the richness and sourness of the cheese. To taste both cheese tarts, you have to come to Shiroishi main store.

All cakes in the store can be eaten at the cafe

Cake set on the top, Baumkuchen set on the bottom
showcase for cake set

There is a cake set (836 yen) on the cafe menu, and you can choose hot or iced coffee or tea and one cake from the cafe showcase. However, this showcase does not have all the cakes sold at the Kinotoya store. But don’t worry. Although it cannot be made into a cake set, all the cakes sold at Kinotoya can be ordered at the cafe!

You can order a drink and a cake separately. Hot is coffee, tea, royal milk tea, cafe au lait. Ice is coffee, tea, orange juice, cafe au lait.

By the way, we ordered both cake set (Chocolate Mont Blanc) and Baumkuchen set. After all, I’ve come all the way here, so I want to eat them all…

Cake set (chocolate Mont Blanc + iced tea)
Baumkuchen set

Kinotoya’s premium milk soft-serve ice cream is silky smooth and has a very rich milky feel. And big! You can take it out at the cafe, so please try it too. You can choose a cone or a cup and it costs 430 yen each.

Mike supports Kinotoya Cafe.

Kinotoya offers delicious seasonal cakes, baumkuchen, and soft serve ice cream. Among them, the cheese tart that you can enjoy freshly baked and freshly made was exquisite. Please visit Kinotoya Cafe. Mike recommendation!