[Recommended Exquisite Tart in Sapporo] Strawberry Tart from Fruitcake Factory


Hello, I’m Mike the bear. This time, I will introduce the “Fruitscake Factory”, a tart shop that you should definitely try when you come to Sapporo. This shop is a famous shop that sweets-loving Sapporo citizens will immediately remember. For those who come to Sapporo for sightseeing, there are many tarts that I would like you to try!

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Store introduction:Fruitscake Factory

 There are 10 Fruitcake Factory stores in Sapporo (Fushimi Main Store, Maruyama Store, Daimaru Store, Esta Store, Azabu Store, Shin-Sapporo Store, Oyachi Store, Higashi-Sapporo Store, Soen Store, and Apia Store). Of these, three stores, the Esta store, the Shin-Sapporo store, and the Oyachi store, have eat-in spaces.

From the top, the left side are hot coffee, hot tea, caffe latte, and royal milk tea.
The right side are iced coffee, iced tea, iced latte, orange juice, and pineapple juice.

At eat-in, you can order a drink with your favorite cake +200 yen (+250 yen for royal milk tea).

Store overview

This time, Mike visited the Shin-Sapporo store (Sunpiaza Basement 1F).

Mike’s recommended tart (cake)

About 20 kinds of tarts were lined up in the store.

The price of a tart is around 550-800 yen per piece. The volume of 1 piece is large.
All of them look delicious, but the most recommended is the strawberry tart!
It seems that the variety of strawberries is changed for each season, and it is glossy and shining, just like a jewel!

The fruit tart looks so delicious!

For me, it’s hard to avoid my favorite chocolate and cheese tarts…

As a result of my deliberation, I chose the winter limited menu “two kinds of strawberry tart” and the regular menu “chocolate tart”.

I tried it!

First of all, from the tart of two kinds of strawberries. I thought, “Let’s take a picture before eating,” but my son ate the tip of the tart….

Fresh cream, sponge cake, strawberry cream, and strawberries and blueberries on top of the crispy tart base. When I took a bite, the juiciness of the strawberries and the fresh cream were mixed together, and it was an impressive taste. The cream is sweet enough to satisfy even a bear with a sweet tooth. Well, I am very satisfied with one!

Even though I said I was very satisfied, I also ate the second chocolate tart. Wow…the rich chocolate ganache and fresh chocolate cream melt in my mouth…it’s so delicious that I can’t help but smile.

When you come to Sapporo for sightseeing, please stop by Fruitcake Factory.
Around Sapporo Station, the Esta store (Esta food street B1F) for eat-in, and the Daimaru store (Daimaru Sapporo store B1F) for takeout are very convenient as they are directly connected to the station.

I also found souvenirs that last for a long time!

Some people may think that tarts do not last long, so they are not suitable as souvenirs. But Fruitcake Factory also has baked goods that last longer.

This “Dosanko Madeleine” was sold in two flavors, black bean flavor and lemon flavor. The expiration date I checked was about 3 weeks. The price is reasonable at 150 yen per piece, so it’s a good idea to give them away as souvenirs.

Also sold in packs of 10. The package is a red Dosanko (Hokkaido horse), so it’s nice to have the impression that you’ve been to Hokkaido!

Great Deals: Discover Coupons!

When I looked around the fruit cake factory store, I found the following flyer.
If I look closely at the top left…

Discover the monthly “tart 10% OFF coupon”! Moreover, you can use it immediately at the store where you got it!
(The reason why the top left is missing is because I used it.)
Not all stores have it, but please look for it.

Payment method

In addition to cash, you can pay with Visa or Mastercard.

Have a nice trip!

Fruitcake Factory’s tarts are a must-try for sweets lovers who come to Hokkaido and Sapporo for sightseeing. You can also pre-order it at the hall, so if you prepare it as a cake for various celebrations and birthdays, you will definitely be pleased. Mike recommendation!