[Sapporo × Sweets] Top 5 Cheap Souvenirs You Can Buy at New Chitose Airport! (All of them are under 40 yen!!)


Hello, this is Mike the bear!
When buying souvenirs, you may think, “I want the cheapest ones because I’ll be handing out a lot of them.” The cheapest souvenir you can buy at New Chitose Airport is 24 yen per piece! This time, anyway, I made a cheap souvenir ranking top 5.

The conditions for ranking selection are as follows.
①Individual packaging
② You can buy it at New Chitose Airport
③For sweets of the same genre (chocolate, cookies, etc.) at the same store, only the cheapest one will be selected for ranking.

1st Place: Royce “Pure Chocolate” [24.3 yen per piece]

From ROYCE Official HP

First place is Royce Pure Chocolate! The price is 24.3 yen per piece! Super cheap! There are 12 flavors, from creamy white with the lowest cacao content of 37% to extra bitter with the highest cacao content of 90%, all for 483 yen for 20 pieces. It’s fun to buy several kinds of chocolate with different cacao content and compare them.

Royce’ chocolate also has a product called Prafeuille Chocolat, which costs 28.8 yen per piece. Also highly recommended.

Sauce is contained between thin chocolate. I wonder how they make it…
864 yen for 30 pieces. There are usually 6 different flavors.

2nd place: Senshuan “Kuma no Pooh Chan Butter Candy” [approximately 25 yen per candy]

From Senshuan Official HP

The second place is Senshuan’s Pooh Chan butter candy with cub cubs. 410 yen for 80g. It costs about 25 yen per candy. A nostalgic butter candy in a cute Poochang package. It’s very Hokkaido-like, so it’s perfect for handing out a little.

3rd place: Rokkatei “Rokka no Mori” [31.7 yen per piece]

From Rokkatei Online Shop Official HP

The third place is Rokkatei’s chocolate, Rokka no Mori! 380 yen for 12 pieces, so about 31.7 yen per piece! First of all, Rokka no Mori looks cute! This is an assortment of 3 kinds of chocolates in the shape of the wild grasses that bloom in Hokkaido: 4 each of Hamanashi (strawberry), Obana no Enreisou (white), and Ezoryukinka (passion fruit). It seems that women will especially like it!

There is no Rokkatei store at New Chitose Airport, but Rokkatei products are sold at Sky Shop Ogasawara on the 2nd floor of New Chitose Airport.

4th Place: Royce “Baton Cookie” [37.8 yen per piece]

From ROYCE Official HP

4th place is Royce Baton Cookie! The price is 37.8 yen per piece! It is sold for 945 yen with 25 pieces. There are four flavors: coconut, fromage, hazel cacao, and matcha. It’s a thin cookie coated with chocolate on one side, and the taste is absolutely delicious!

5th Place: Kitakaro “Kita no Yume Daichi” [39.6 yen per piece]

From Kitakaro Officila HP

The 5th place is Kitakaro’s Cheese Langue de Chat, Kita no Yume Daichi! The price is 39.6 yen per piece. It is sold for 712 yen with 18 pieces. A very rustic cookie that allows you to enjoy the goodness of Hokkaido dairy products. When you bite into it, the aroma of cheese spreads richly. With just the right amount of sweetness, it goes well with coffee, black tea, and even roasted green tea.


1st: Royce “Pure Chocolate” [24.3 yen per piece]
2nd place: Chiaki’s idea “Pug Chan butter candy” [about 25 yen per candy]
3rd place: Rokkatei “Rokka no Mori” [31.7 yen per piece]
4th: Royce “Baton Cookie” [37.8 yen per piece]
5th: Kitakaro “Kita no Yume Daichi” [39.6 yen per piece]
This is the result. All of them are 40 yen or less per piece, which is amazing cost performance. All of them are Hokkaido sweets, so I can recommend them with confidence! Please, try it. (I’m sorry if it’s not in the store due to product replacement or sold out)