[Sapporo × Sweets] Top 5 Cheap Souvenirs You Can Buy at New Chitose Airport! (All of them are under 40 yen!!)

Hello, this is Mike the bear!When buying souvenirs, you may think, "I want the cheapest ones because I'll be handing out a lot of them." The cheapest souvenir you can buy at New Chitose Airport is 24 yen per piece! This time, anyway, I made a cheap souvenir ranking top 5. All were under 40 yen and it was a close match!!

[Sapporo × Cafe × Sweets] Freshly baked cheese tarts at Kinotoya Cafe are special!

Hello, this is Mike the bear! “Kinotoya” is one of the most popular pastry shops in Sapporo. At the cafe attached to Kinotoya, we were able to eat freshly baked and freshly made cheese tarts on the spot! Too awesome...!

[Sapporo×souvenirs and gifts] Sweets at Romantei are cheap and delicious

Hello, this is Mike the Bear! "Roman-tei" is a famous western confectionery store loved by locals in Sapporo. The cake shop is famous for chocolate Mont Blanc, but there are many delicious sweets other than raw cakes. The packaging is elaborate and cute too!

[5 delicious sweets at Rokkatei] Best 5 recommended by Mike the bear (standard souvenir)

Hello, this is Mike the bear. This time, as a local, I tried to make my own top 5 recommended sweets from Rokkatei, a sweets maker that represents Hokkaido. There were only delicious sweets, and I was worried like never before.

[Hokkaido-like souvenir sweets! ] Haskap Jewelry from Morimoto!

Hello, this is Mike the bear! This time, I would like to introduce "Haskap Jewelry" from Morimoto, a sweet that is perfect for those looking for Hokkaido-like souvenirs. This is a sweet with a history of more than 40 years, using Hokkaido's specialty haskap. The acidity of the haskap and the sweetness of the chocolate are irresistible…!

[Recommended Exquisite Tart in Sapporo] Strawberry Tart from Fruitcake Factory

I went to the famous tart shop "Fruitcake Factory" in Sapporo! There were about 20 kinds of tarts like jewels! This shop is a must-visit for sweets lovers who come to Sapporo for sightseeing. This time Mike actually bought it and tried it.